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N1 - Pale lilac with holographic sparkles and flakies

N2 - Deep blue with scattered holo

N3 - Grey based polish with blue shimmers that shift pink and mixed flakies

N4 - Green linear holo

N5 - White based polish with holo flakies and shimmer

N6 - Warm toned green with golden shimmer and mixed flakies

N7 - Blue with blue and pink shimmers

N8 - Purple based polish with mixed shimmers and flakies

N9 - Deep green polish with red and gold shimmers and green flakies

N10 - Almost metallic looking polish that shifts between blue and gold with mixed flakies

N11 - Light blue with red shimmer and mixed flakies

N12 - Blackish/Grey polish with lots of blue shimmer and scattered holo

N13 - Blue polish with mixed shimmers and flakies

N14 - Orange polish with mixed shimmer and flakies

N15 - Blurple with red/blue/pink shimmers

N16 - Black scattered holo with holo flakies and blue shimmer

N17 - Grey with gold shimmers

N18 - Grey/green polish with blue shimmer that shifts bronze/gold and even slightly pink/red in some light (This polish is super difficult to describe as it shifts a lot, I've done my best to describe it)