Image of Autumn Polishes

Autumn Polishes

£7.50 — Coming soon

Summer is over and Autumn is here, get in the seasonal mood with these polishes!

Northern Lights - A beautiful ultra chrome chameleon magnetic polish. This polish shifts through green/purple/red/pink in different lighting.

Ember - A rusty orange based polish packed with mixed flakies.

Purple Haze - A deep purple creme polish.

Autumn Leaves - A super shifty polish that looks green/gold/bronze or red depending on the lighting.

Pumpkin Patch - A rich orange/brown creme polish.

Dusk - A sheer blue based polish filled with multicoloured flakies that change colours depending on the lighting.

So for an opaque, glossy finish, we recommend using two to four coats of polish. Then finishing with a high-quality topcoat to seal your mani.

*NOTE* For the magnetic polish, use a strong neodymium magnet whilst the polish is still wet to achieve gorgeous patterns.

Image of Autumn Polishes Image of Autumn Polishes